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Services We Offer

From our first discussion to helping your business grow to selecting your next superstar talent, we can help with our continuum of service offerings. Ask us about our new 340B and PBM audit support services. See below for our PBM and 340B audit services.
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  • Reorganization

  • Buildout of New Organization / Team / Capability

  • Private Label Staffing

  • Recruiting

  • Leadership Mentoring

  • Training

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  • Accumulator / Eligibility File Management

  • CRM Solutions

  • End-to-End Process Evaluation

  • End-to-End Technology Evaluation

  • PBM and 340B Audits

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  • Project Management

  • Implementation Support

  • RACI Matrix

  • Capacity / Workflow Planning

  • Risk Assessment (FMEA)

  • 340B Consulting

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  • Contact Center Solutions

  • Data Warehouse

  • Data Analytics

  • New Capability Build Out

  • Technology Project Intake and Prioritization Process

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  • Process Improvement

  • Process Documentation / Mapping

  • Pharmacy Pricing Analysis 

  • Pharmacy Benefit Plan Testing

  • Expanding Business (Buildout of PBM and 340B capabilities)

  • PBM audit support

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  • Rapid Assessment

  • Strategic Assessment

  • Pharmacy Expertise / Retainer

  • Pharmacy RFPs

  • Lessons Learned

  • Claim Processor Switch / Migration Support

  • Change Management

  • 1/1 Remedy Room Support

  • Member Experience Improvements

ALTTRAX PBM and 340B Audit Services

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ALTTRAX helps you understand exactly how your contracts  are performing. Our experienced team will create a plan, analyze data to monitor contract compliance, and share the enlightening results.


PBM Contract Audit Services:

100% claim-level review by channel and drug definition ensuring adherence to the pricing terms, calculations, guarantees, and exclusions in your contract. 

A rebate analysis based on your contract to determine if rebates were properly paid.


Annual market checks to provide financial oversight and ensure market competitiveness throughout the duration of your contract. 


340B Audit Services: 

Self-audit assessments: develop audit protocols; support monthly self-audits.

Annual audits: maintain audit preparedness through annual audits. 

HRSA audit guidance and support: help Covered Entities prepare for a HRSA audit and be able to produce the documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance.

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